Why Airtel Is Betting On 100 Journalists

* Journalists at AirtelChangeYourStory 
by Tony Icheku

Yes! Airtel is placing bets that only 100 journalists can execute the job. Take over the minds of over 120 million Nigerians. You may be one of the 100. But do you have the zeal, the grit, the can-do spirit?

How to know? Find out what qualifies the 100 favoured, that places you on the starting position. After a short incubation under tested, trusted mother hens - Taiwo Obe and Dan Mason - These 100, like aerial commandos would be unleashed on Nigeria's terrestrial cyberspace, and their mission? Conquer or disintegrate.

Yes, Airtel is powering this awesome mission. Why? The telecom firm is unwilling to give up its predominant place as the number one corporate concern driving Nigeria's digitalisation, thus this second mission to empower and dispatch digital journalists unto the Nigeria's digital space. Mission? Commandos? But am talking about digital journalism!

The first mission was 'AirtelChangeYourStory', and the theme '4 Weeks, 4 cities'; But on this very adventurous second mission,the theme is '2 Courses, 2 Cities - Lagos and Kaduna had been selected.

whereas 'AirtelChangeYourStory' was literarily all-comers affair, you must prove your worth in full value for the '100 Journalist' project. Candidates for the programme must apply, and show cause why they should be selected for the course. The same applies for those who are being nominated. From the applications, the 100 would be selected.

The '100 Journalists' programmes is an engaging 3 days multimedia and 2 days data journalism course targeting 100 journalists

On this project, we are aiming for 'Maximum Impact', Taiwo Obe, Founder/Director of The Journalism Clinic, told theledgerng.com.

He explained that whereas 'AirtelChangeYourStory' was executed on the basis of 25x4+one course, the '100 Journalists' project would still capture 100 journalists, with data journalism added to multimedia journalism, the previous course.

 “We decided that it would be more beneficial to add data journalism training to the curriculum this time as it has become important for journalists to be able to apply digital tools to break down the increasing deluge of data particularly from governments.” 

Besides Obe whose abiding interest in grooming  digital journalists still holds strong, Dan Mason is also named as one of the resource persons.

Mason, who has been informally conferred with the Otunba chieftaincy by his Nigerian friends is a multimedia journalism and mobile video training expert who brings profuse enthusiasm and insight to the exercise.

''You radiate love wherever you go and it takes a life of its own, infecting everyone within the radar'' and excited student commented on his facebook page.

Just like 'AirtelChangeYourStory', this promises another to be another catalyst for that journalist itching to jump onboard the fast racing digital train.

How To Qualify:

i. Applicants should address their applications to founder@TheJournalismClinic.com

ii. Applicant must demonstrate need for the course, that is show why he/she needs to attend      the course

iii. Applicants are free to apply for both multimedia journalism and data journalism

NOTE: applications are being received now 
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