Lawan v Ndume: How Will PDP Win This Gamble?

The PDP with only 44 Senators versus APC's 62, plus YPP's lone senator, has backed Sen. Ali Ndume for the Senate President in defiance to APC's endorsement of  Sen. Ahmed Lawan for the position.

The PDP, in a statement by its national secretary, Sen Umar Tsauri, also  endorsed Umar Bago for the post of speaker of the House of Representatives ahead of Femi Gbajabiamila, who had won the support of the executive arm and the APC.

“The final resolution on Sen. Ndume and Bago was reached at the end of a decisive meeting of members of the National Working Committee, party leaders, state governors as well as senators and members-elect on the platform of the PDP.

“This decision is in the best interest of the nation in line with our party’s determination to deepen democracy, ensure a strong and independent legislature, strict compliance with the principle of separation of powers as well as constitutional checks and balances in the polity.”

“All senators and members-elect on the platform of the PDP are to be guided accordingly,” he said.

Political observers are wondering how the PDP hopes to pull the rug off APC's feet like it did in 2015, when it backed former Senate President, Bukola Saraki to emerge in defiance to APC preference for Lawan. That feat which was achieved with a surprise and shock strategy may not succeed this time around as the APC are closing monitoring events leading to the election of the Senate President.

Perhaps the adoption of the open-secret method of voting contrary to an Abuja High Court ruling may give the PDP a leeway if some APC senators not satisfied with their party's decision decides to back the PDP's endorsement.

Announced that the open-secret method of voting will be adopted, clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Sani-Omolori said he had received no court judgment

“Each senator will be called upon and a ballot paper shall be given toou and you will proceed to the cubicle, cast your vote and put it in the box. That’s the procedure,” Mr Sani-Omolori said
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