Satellite Times Seek Justice for Slain Ghanaian Journalist

Satellite Times Seek Justice for Slain Ghanaian  Journalist 

Journalists in the West African sub-region are yet to come to terms with the brutal assassination in Ghana of investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Thursday, Nigeria's multiple award-winning investigative  journalist, and SatelliteTimes’ publisher, Emmanuel Mayah added his voice to the widespread condemnation trailing the violent killing.

"What happened in Ghana is too close to home, and it is producing a petrifying aftershock here in Nigeria", said Mayah, and urged the  Ghanaian government to fish out and bring to justice his killers, whether in government or friends of government

Mayah  spoke during an event organised by SatelliteTimes and Safer Media Initiative to mark the end of one week mourning for the slain journalist.

He remarked that Hussein-Suale's killing is "one gruesome attack too many on African journalists doing the difficult work of ridding the continent of corruption, bad governance and political capture"

Mayah further added: "Over the years I have received with angst news of killings of journalists across the world but none was as jolting as the slaying of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, maybe because I knew him personally.

“We at SatelliteTimes newsroom, join our colleagues in the global investigative journalism community in condemning the cowardly killing of this young journalist in Ghana. To Anas: we stand by you and share in your grief in this dark moment. To Ahmed’s family: the pain never goes away. To the government of Ghana we say: Journalists are not public enemy, rather they are protectors of the public interest; the defenders of the social contract between the citizens and the state.

" We therefore urge the government of Ghana and indeed those of the other member states of the African Union to recall Article 13 of the United Nations Convention against corruption, which provides that each state party shall take measures to protect “the freedom to seek, receive, publish and disseminate information concerning corruption”. In the spirit of this statute, we call on the government of Ghana to fish out and bring to justice the killers of Ahmed; be they in government or friends of the government.

“Death is everyone’s destiny but death for the investigative journalist is a choice. Journalists fought for the independence of nations of Africa. They fought against colonialism, apartheid, military dictatorship and now even in a democracy, they are fighting against bad governance, human rights violations and official brigandage, the last obstacles to the total emancipation of the African continent.

Hussein-Suale was killed in a hail of bullets from gunmen on motorbike who aimed at his chest and neck, eventually speeding off without taking any valuables from his car which they had trailed till the attack. The slain journalist was one of the reporters at Tiger Eye, an investigative reporting project founded by ace Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The event organised in collaboration with Safer Media Initiative had in attendance its Executive Director, Peter Iorter and members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, Abuja Council

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