Lawmaker Blames Climate change For Herdsmen Scourge

The House Committee chairman on Climate Change,and member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia  federal constituency at the House of Representatives, Rep. Sam Onuigbo has called for increased awareness on the dangers of Climate Change, and the imperative of enacting a strategic Climate Change law.

Onuigbo made this call during the first media briefing of Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment(GLOBE), with the National Assembly Press Corps, at the GLOBE Nigeria Secretariat,National Assembly Complex, Abuja, Wednesday, May 17.

Onuigbo, who serves as the Vice-President of GLOBE Nigeria stressed that Climate Change is real, and its impact evident in everyday happenings around the world. The lawmaker, who linked the herdsmen scourge to the effects of Climate Change, which has led to the drying up of the Lake Chad, and the loss of arable land,stated that it is now time for all Nigerians to effectively clamour for general awareness on Climate Change, in order to ensure that the country plays her part in the reduction of carbon emission,and advancement in clean energy development.

The lawmaker  told newsmen that he and his team have already drawn up a bill, seeking to have a Climate Change law enacted, that will tackle the threats of Climate Change to Nigeria's national security, public health system, infrastructural development, economic growth, and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). The bill, which is entitled "AN ACT TO PROVIDE A FRAMEWORK FOR THE MAINSTREAMING OF CLIMATE CHANGE RESPONSES AND ACTIONS INTO GOVERNMENT POLICY FORMULATION AND IMPLEMENTATION, AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE COUNCIL AND OTHER RELATED PURPOSES", he pointed out, has passed first reading on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Onuigbo urged Nigerians to play their part, in creating enough awareness about the dangers of Climate Change,and help in eliminating all forms of resistance from critical arms of government, like the executive, and the legislature on issues concerning it.

Nigeria,under President Muhammadu Buhari, has signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and is thus obligated to uphold the tenets of the agreement.

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